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Table 1 BIND score [5]

From: Can bilirubin/albumin ratio predict neurodevelopmental outcome in severe neonatal hyperbilirubinemia? A 3-month follow up study

Scores Clinical signs
Mental status
 0 Normal
 1 Sleepy, poor feeding
 2 Lethargic, irritable, jittery
 3 Unable to feed, apnea, seizures, coma
Muscle tone
 0 Normal flexed tone (awake)
 1 Hypertonia alternating with hypotonia
 2 Neck stiffness, flexor spasm, beginning of neck and back arching, hypertonia
 3 Persistent retrocollis and opisthotonos, bicycling, twitching of hands and feet, fisting, severe hypotonia with limp posture
Cry pattern
 0 Normal
 1 High pitched cry
 2 Shrill cry even if intermittent
 3 Weak or absent cry, inconsolable cry
Total score Sum of highest score in each category
  1. Scores 1–3: mild ABE; probably reversible without sequelae
  2. Scores 4–6: moderate ABE
  3. Scores 7–9: severe ABE; highly associated with death or kernicterus