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Table 1 Summary of published case reports on paediatric parotid sialolithiasis, the characteristics, presenting symptoms, diagnostic imaging and treatment

From: Parotid sialolithiasis and sialadenitis in a 3-year-old child: a case report and review of the literature

Author (year) Age Gender Location Symptoms Diagnostic imaging Treatment
Kim et al. [1] 2 M Duct Pain, pus, swelling CT Intraoral incision
Bodner [3] 5 F Duct Pain, swelling CT Intraoral incision
Laskawi et al. (2006) [4] 4 M Duct Pain, swelling CT Intraoral incision
Horie et al. (1995) [5] 4 F Duct Pus, swelling Conventional radiography Intraoral incision
Kaufman [6] 4 F Duct Small mass, pus, swelling Conventional radiography Intraoral sialolithomy
McCullom et al. [7] 8 F Duct Pain, swelling Conventional radiography Conservative