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Table 6 Percentage variation in triceps skinfold thickness of participants at the 6th and 13th week

From: Short-term effect of adenotonsillectomy on growth and nutritional anthropometric parameters of children with obstructive adenotonsillar enlargement

Follow-up period Patients (n = 60) Controls (n = 60) P value
Frequency % Variation Frequency % Variation
At 6th week 6a 45.60 2a 18.80 0.08
39b 35.80 48b 42.10
17c   12c  
At 13th week 7a 32.00 2a 26.60 0.19
34b 34.30 52b 44.90
21c   8c  
  1. n number of participants. aDecrease. bIncrease. cSame