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Table 1 Modified bilirubin-induced neurological dysfunction (BIND) score

From: Use of serum bilirubin/albumin ratio for early prediction of bilirubin induced neurological dysfunction

Clinical signScoreSeverityDate/time
Mental status
⎕ Normal0None 
⎕ Sleepy but arousable
⎕ Decreased feeding
⎕ Lethargy
⎕ Poor suck and/or
⎕ Irritable/jittery with short-term strong suck
⎕ Semi-coma
⎕ Apnea
⎕ Seizures
⎕ Coma
Muscle tone
⎕ Normal0None 
⎕ Persistent mild hypotonia1Mild 
⎕ Moderate hypotonia
⎕ Moderate hypertonia
⎕ Increasing arching of neck and trunk on stimulation without spasms of arms and legs and without trismus
⎕ Persistent retrocolis
⎕ Opisthotonus
⎕ Crossing or scissoring of arms or legs but without spasms of arms and legs and without trismus
Cry pattern
⎕ Normal0None 
⎕ High pitched1Mild 
⎕ Shrill2Moderate 
⎕ Inconsolable crying or
⎕ Cry weak or absent in child with previous
history of high pitched or shrill cry
Occulomotor or eye movements
⎕ Normal0None, mild 
⎕ Sun-setting
⎕ Paralysis of upward gaze
Total ABE score  
  1. Radmacher et al. [23]