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Table 4 Correlation between diastolic function by TDI and anthropometric measurements of the studied children with SAM before and after nutritional rehabilitation

From: Assessment of left ventricular systolic and diastolic functions in severely malnourished children

Parameter Diastolic functions
Before rehabilitation After rehabilitation
r P-value r P-value
WAZ score 0.556 0.002**
HAZ score −0.236 0.210 0.417 0.024*
MUAC z score 0.379 0.042*
WHZ z score 0.379 0.042*
Head circumference for age z score −0.240 0.202 0.288 0.130
Edema 0.173 0.362   
  1. Spearman bivariate correlation
  2. N.B. correlation cannot be computed for WAZ score, MUAC zscore, WHZ score because all cases have the same score (constant score)