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Table 4 Correlation between cognitive function parameters, Vitamin D level, and oxidative stress parameters in all studied children

From: Effect of circulating 25-hydroxyvitamin D and antioxidant capacity level on cognitive function parameters of children with idiopathic short stature

VariableStatisticsVitamin DTACTOSOSI
Non-verbal IQPearson correlation0.474**0.737 **0.091− 0.654**
P value0.0000.0000.4870.000
Verbal IQPearson correlation0.327*0.691**0.251− 0.633**
P value0.0110.0000.0530.000
Full-scale IQPearson correlation0.446**0.769**0.177− 0.714**
P value0.00000.0000.1770.000
Fluid reasoningPearson correlation0.346**0.697**0.128− 0.722**
P value0.0070.0000.3300.000
KnowledgePearson correlation0.363**0.691**0.299*− 0.311*
P value0.0040.0000.0200.015
Quantitative reasoningPearson correlation0.350**0.615**0.272*− 0.498**
P value0.0060.0000.0360.000
VisuospatialPearson correlation0.340 **0.644**0.147− 0.720**
P value0.0080.0000.2630.000
Working memoryPearson correlation0.504**0.653**− 0.053− 0.729**
P value0.0000.0000.6870.000
Vitamin DPearson correlation 0.546**0.041− 0.317*
P value 0.0000.7570.014
TACPearson correlation0.546** 0.212− 0.623**
P value0.000 0.1040.000
TOSPearson correlation0.0410.212 0.366**
P value0.7570.104 0.004
OSIPearson correlation− 0.317*− 0.623**0.366** 
P value0.0140.0000.004 
  1. IQ intelligence quotient, TAC total antioxidant capacity, TOS total oxidative stress, OSI oxidative stress index
  2. **Correlation is significant at the 0.01 level (2-tailed)
  3. *Correlation is significant at the 0.05 level (2-tailed)