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Table 1 Questionnaire for diet adherence evaluation

From: Effect of gestational Mediterranean diet intervention on newborn fat mass and cord blood leptin level

Maternal diet adherence evaluation
Criteria Description
Use of olive oil as main fat Yes or no
Olive oil consumption > 4 tbsp/day
Vegetables Two or more cups of vegetables a day (200 g per serving)
Fruit Two or more pieces of fruit a day
Red or processed meat (1 serving = 100–150 g) 2 Servings or fewer a week
Servings of butter, margarine, or cream (1 serving = 12 g) < 1/day
Sweet or carbonated beverages < 1/day
*Water More than 1½ l/day
Servings of legumes (1 serving, ~150 g) 2 or more servings a week
Nuts/seeds A handful of nuts most days (> 3 weeks)
Servings of fish or shellfish (1 serving, 100Y150 g of fish; 4Y5 units or 200 of shellfish) > 3/week
Consumption of commercial (not homemade) sweets or pastries < 3/week
Consume preferentially chicken Yes
Whole grains Two or more whole grains a day
  1. *We substituted the wine drinks in the score by drinking water more than 1liter per day