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Table 4 Discharge standards and follow-up plan

From: Practical approach to COVID-19: an Egyptian pediatric consensus

Discharge standards Medication after discharge Follow-up plan
1- Body temperature: normal for > 3 days.
2- Respiratory symptoms: significantly improved.
3- PCR: negative for respiratory tract pathogen twice (48 h apart).
4- Lung imaging: showing obvious improvement.
5- No comorbidities or complications which require hospitalization.
6- SpO2, > 94% without assisted oxygen inhalation.
7- Discharge approved by multi-disciplinary medical team.
Symptomatic Treatment: as needed
Antiviral drugs: for patients with multiple lung lesions in the first 3 days after their nucleic acid tests are negative.
Follow-up call: within 48 h after discharge.
Outpatient follow-up: 1 week, 2 weeks after discharge.
Examinations: include
• Lung CT scan according to the patient's condition.
• PCR test of sputum and stool samples.
• Liver and kidney functions,
Follow-up phone calls: 3 and 6 months after discharge.