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Table 3 Agreement between the written and video questionnaires

From: ISAAC written questionnaire versus incorporating videos before the questionnaire for asthma prevalence among middle schools students in Al-Sharkiya Egyptian Governorate

VariableKappaP value
Had wheeze in the chest at any time before0.030.63 NS
Had wheeze in the last 12 months0.0060.90 NS
Frequency of wheeze0.100.07 NS
Wheeze cause awakening from sleep0.010.74 NS
Wheeze affect talking0.050.23 NS
Had asthma any time before0.010.81 NS
Had wheeze in the last 12 months after exercise0.070.15 NS
Had dry cough in the last 12 months0.070.09 NS
  1. NS non-significant