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Table 3 Comparison between cases and controls; platelets count, MPV, and plateletcrit findings in relation to other parameters

From: Platelets count and platelets indices; mean platelet volume and plateletcrit in pediatric chronic lung disease

Age in yearsCorrelation coefficient0.0700.3880.033
P value0.6700.0150.840
Age of start of illness in yearsCorrelation coefficient0.0500.3460.032
P value0.7640.0310.846
SO2Correlation coefficient0.0630.1390.075
P value0.7040.3970.650
HB (g/dL)Correlation coefficient0.3430.0650.233
P value0.0320.6960.154
TLCCorrelation coefficient0.0420.0820.010
P value0.7980.6220.952
ESRCorrelation coefficient0.1580.1680.062
P value0.3360.3070.705
CRPCorrelation coefficient0.3270.1640.363
P value0.0420.3170.023