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Table 1 Characteristics of studied participants

From: Local growth charts for an Iranian child population aged 2–5 years in comparison with the World Health Organization Child Growth Standards

CharacteristicsPercentage or mean (SD)
Delivery route 
Birth order 
 ≥ 34.9%
Father’s education 
 Under diploma2.7%
 University graduate64.5%
Mother’s education 
 Under diploma2.2%
 University graduate73.4%
Father’s employment 
 Private business36.9%
 Administrative employee44.3%
 Master in university3.7%
 Other occupations13.6%
Mother’s employment 
 Private business3%
 Administrative employee22%
 Master in university3.7%
 Other occupations8.3%
Number of mother’s deliveries 
 ≥ 37.9%
Father’s age (years)37.0 (5.24)
Mother’s age (years)33.24 (6.73)
Father’s age at the birthdate of the child (years)33.40 (5.09)
Mother’s age at the birthdate of the child (years)28.84 (4.21)
Mother’s height (cm)161.75 (5.68)
Mother’s weight (kg)64.51 (10.20)