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Table 2 Correlation between PAI-1 and the anthropometric measures and blood pressure measurements and the laboratory data in obese group

From: Assessment of plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 in obese Egyptian children

PAI-1 in obese groupRp
Height (cm)0.20.3
Height (SDS)0.10.4
Weight (kg)0.60.000**
Weight (SDS)0.20.3
BMI (kg/m2)0.60.000**
BMI (SDS)0.40.01*
Waist circumference (cm)0.090.6
Hip circumference (cm)0.10.4
W/H ratio0.70.000**
Biceps skin fold (mm)0.40.03*
Triceps skin fold (mm)0.30.04*
Subscapular skin fold (mm)0.30.04*
Systolic Bp (mmHg)0.70.000**
Diastolic Bp (mmHg)0.30.04*
Cholesterol (mg/dl)0.50.000**
Triglycerides (mg/dl)0.40.02*
HDL-c (mg/dl)0.30.08
LDL-c (mg/dl)0.60.000**
FBS (mg/dl)0.10.4
Insulin (μIU/ml)0.50.000**
  1. Correlations between variables were done using Pearson’s correlation coefficients for the parametric data and Spearman correlation coefficients for nonparametric data
  2. *p value statistically significant < 0.05
  3. **p value highly significant < 0.01